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Horseback riding is a sport to be enjoyed by all ages, from children 2 years to 92 and beyond. Getting on a horse is a rewarding and spiritual experience full of excitement and self-discovery. Every horse is a teacher, every horse is a story to be told and a friend to be loved.

Here at M&M Acres, we believe in the strength of the bond between horse and human.  This bond is often created on the ground, more so than in the saddle.  For this reason, a portion of all lessons are spent on the ground working on grooming, tacking up, lunging and at liberty work.  We also offer sessions that focus solely on training techniques for green horses.  Our instructors don't just turn out good riders - but good horsemen.

We also offer "future horse owner" classes teaching imperative skills, such as: how to administer oral medications, wrap legs, take vitals, hoof care and loading in a trailer.  These classes are offered in a group setting.


Half Hour lessons: $30 each; $150 for package of 6; $230 package of 10

Hour lessons: $45 each; $225 for package of 6; $350 package of 10

Packages must be used within 6 months.


Students must wear long pants and hard-soled shoes, either gym shoes or boots. Absolutely no sandals or crocs. ASTM approved horseback riding helmets are required for children under 18 and we have several to lend out for the duration of the lesson.


Contact us to schedule a lesson. If you would like to learn a specific discipline or request a specific instructor, please inform us of your preference so we may schedule you accordingly. Lessons are available all days of the week.  

Leasing Program

Regular students at M&M Acres are eligible to become part of our share-boarding/leasing program, where they can make one of our lesson horses their own during certain days of the week. Contact us for more information.