M&M Acres has partnered with Dr. Kelly Hird & Associates for the purpose of animal assisted psychotherapy. This partnership gives a job to our horses that can't be ridden. It gives love and attention to all our animals. We know how healing our animals are and we are thrilled to share the magic!

Connect with Dr. Kelly Hird and Associates at their website: https://www.drkellyhird.com

One of our volunteers had told us, "M&M doesn't just save animals. It saves people, too
We hope that others experience the same healing that those of us who work with animals regularly do.

Below are a few stories of people who have been helped by the use of animals in their therapy here at M&M Acres



"Anxiety and Depression are an issue that are very near to me. I suffer from both and am fully aware of the hurdles they cause in daily life. Prior to opening M&M, I didn't see reason to get out of bed. The anxiety of facing the day would put me in tears, day after day. My husband was concerned, my kids noticed a problem, I pushed away friends. M&M gave me a purpose. The animals and people that have entered my life have undoubtedly crossed my path for a reason. So, yes, M&M doesn't just save animals..."- Megan Maher, M&M Acres owner and founder



"Josh developed crippling anxiety that led to seizures with no identifiable physiological origin. The seizures began one year after two of his best friends were killed in a horrifying car wreck. Josh and Buttercup showed a very strong connection right away. I wanted to share his story (he gave me consent) to help showcase the power the animals you all already know and love have to heal those they have just met." - Dr. Kelly Hird



"I had a client that was drawn to Waffles. She had to sit and be patient and wait for Waffles to come to her....which eventually happened. One day, outside of M&M, she said....."I am approaching my daughter the same way I did that cow. I learned that and you didn't even have to tell me. I figured that out on my own." I had been telling her to stop going gangbusters on her daughter's misbehavior for weeks. But, Waffles was the one to actually make her "get it." And that is exactly how experiential therapy works! It just works, kinda like magic!" - Dr. Kelly Hird